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Гомельская городская клиническая больница №3

г. Гомель, ул. Ильича, 286

Гомельская городская клиническая больница № 3

State Health Care Institution "Gomel City Clinical Hospital № 3" is a diversified health care setting, in many aspects of determining health policy for primary, emergency and routine medical care of Gomel region.

More than 800 employees carry out the healing process in the hospital for 552 beds, of which 200 - therapeutic profile (internal medicine ward, cardiology for 60 beds, respectively, Gastroenterology 40 beds, Endocrinology - 40 beds), 150 - obstetric-gynecological, 100 - surgical (surgical ward number 1 - 45, № 2 - 15, № 3 - 40), 75 beds for neurological treatment of stroke patients, pediatric nursing for preterm infants to 15 beds. The hospital operates department of anesthesiology and intensive care for 12 beds. From 01.05.2011g. by reorganizing 5 neurological, endocrinological 20 beds and reducing postpartum unit 5 beds organized the department of pathology of pregnant women with 30 beds.

At the hospital, there are 6 of therapeutic and diagnostic departments and offices (Department of functional diagnostics, radiology department, department of medical rehabilitation, clinical diagnostic laboratory, endoscopic parlor, transfusions assistance), pharmacy. On the basis of the functional departments are organized on the basis of: a surgical ward number 2 - the center of minimally invasive and reconstructive surgery, cardiology department - urban Arrhythmology office, in the surgical department number 3 - the regional center of the diabetic foot.

Since the opening of Gomel State Medical University in 1991, the hospital has the status of clinical institutions and the first clinical departments of the University was formed our database - Department of Internal Medicine and the number 1 Department of Surgical Diseases № 1.

The staff of the institution high professionalism and compassion, the constant pursuit of new, implementation and search for more effective forms of organization of the treatment process. "Who does not go forward, he goes back" - this motto can be written in the Charter of the hospital, as the basis of the employment relationship.

On long-term path of success and the team were disappointed, victory and defeat, but success has been a lot more, so patients remember our teachers and our contemporaries. Repute of the hospital was born long ago, firmly rooted, and today's generation it multiplies.


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